József Horváth – President OTEI Hungary passed away

Hungary | Europe | January 25, 2021

FIAT-IFTA President Hiroshi Kitajima and Secretary Emerson De Luca have the sad duty to draw to your attention to the news that József Horváth – President OTEI Hungary passed away.

After battling a serious illness, József Horváth -CEO of Budapest Funeral Institute Zrt, President of (OTEI) National Funeral Society and Guild- has died at the age of 56.

He graduated as a mechanical engineer in 1989. Became the CEO of Budapest Funeral Institute in 2010. This institute is the largest group of state-owned funeral homes in Central-Europe with a turnover of around 12,5 Mill. € . It was during his time at the Budapest Funeral Institute that the renowned company has become more cost effective.

In the year 2010, József Horváth was elected President of Orszagos Temetkezesi Egyesulet es Ipartestulet - OTEI, established in 1971. He played an important role in achieving the various funeral organizations acting in a more unified way to protect their interests. As President of OTEI - alongside with Károly Balogh, his deputy- he set out a policy to promote the Association and the Hungarian funeral culture on the international stage. During his presidency OTEI has become a National Member of FIAT-IFTA. Numerous times he collaborated also with is colleagues of the VISEGRAD countries. His primary goal was to preserve the values of our professional association with a long history, to continuously develop the organization and to increase its advocacy power.
József Horváth will be remembered by his colleagues in many countries.

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