Meet the FIAT-IFTA Board 2022-2024

June 29, 2022

Meet the FIAT-IFTA Board 2022-2024 and join us!

Since the foundation of the FIAT-IFTA Federation in 1970 the delegates of the National Members elect and nominate the Members of the FIAT-IFTA Board at the biennial General Assembly of the Membership. The term of the FIAT-IFTA Board is two years. The Secretary and the Treasurer may be reelected.

Due to COVID-19 the 16th FIAT-IFTA Convention, Yokohama, Japan, June 2020 was postponed to June 2021. However, due to restrictions still in place, an online convention took place. It was not possible to hold an election in Japan and from June 2021 to June 2022 the FIAT-IFTA Board operated as the FIAT-IFTA Interim Board. 

Members were finally able to meet in Budapest for the ICD meeting as well as the General Assembly. The FIAT-IFTA Board consists of the following members elected and nominated at the General Assembly held in Budapest, June 2022: 

  • Marek Cichewicz, Poland (President)
  • William Wappner, USA (1st Vice president) 
  • Johan Dexters, Belgium (2nd Vice president)
  • Mylena Cooper, Brasil (3rd Vice president) 
  • Emerson De Luca, United Kingdom (International Secretary)
  • Atanas Argirov, Bulgaria (Treasurer)
  • Hiroshi Kitajima, Japan (Immediate Past President)

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