New issue of THANOS magazine

September 19, 2022

The new issue of Thanos magazine is now available to readers.
You can read it online!

In this issue we write about:

  • Members News
  • Summary of I.C.D meeting 2022 in Budapest  
  • Mylena Cooper – 3rd vice president of FIAT-IFTA and brazilian funeral market
  • ANEMEX – new national member of FIAT-IFTA and mexican funeral market
  • FIAT-IFTA’s Funeral Exchange Program
  • Top reasons why students enroll in funeral services school in the USA
  • SORTEM´s international training for the funeral profession
  • Why improving skills is the way to a new quality of funeral service on the experience of Adam Ragiel, Mortuary, Dissection and Embalming Technician  from Poland
  • Authorisation of funeral homes in Sweden
  • Standardized education in Germany
  • Marketing online must-haves for funeral homes
  • International standards for the transportation of human remains by air - The IATA Compassionate Transportation Manual with special offer for FIAT-IFTA Members
  • Calendar of future funeral events

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