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Spain | November 24, 2023

Proud to be, proud to be there

The Associació d'Empreses de Serveis Funeraris de Catalunya (Asfuncat), which represents 95% of the funeral services in the country and brings together some forty companies, both public and private, and is proud FIAT-IFTA Associated Member, has developed a communication project to enhance the recognition of funeral services.

An awareness campaign that highlights the work of funeral service companies and facuses on the people who provide an essential service, with the aim that the public can understand our work. A reputational action without a commercial objective that, under the umbrella of ASFUNCAT, benefits the entire sector. The result has been a short film that vindicates the work of the sector, explaining what we do and how we do it and, above all, why we are important to society.

The video "Orgullosos de ser, orgullosos de ser-hi” is subtitled in English and Spanish.
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