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September 8, 2023

The World United for Life 2023

The International Funeral Industry celebrates every year "The world united for life". This is a global movement, initiated by ALPAR – The Latin American Association of Cemeteries and Funeral Services, in 2012. The celebration invites people of all origins and cultures come together on the same day to celebrate life and give homage to their loved ones together with other companies from the industry.


This activity, which is already positioned in the annual calendar of companies at a global level, has placed our industry in a more sensitive and human perspective, bringing together groups of families and friends beyond geographical borders, via mixed activities either in person or virtually which highlight the value of life, confirming the importance of ritualization and the various tributes that our industry can perform to celebrate life, preserve the memory and remembrance of those who have gone before us, thus generating greater bonds with their families.

During these eleven years celebrating life, the movement has united more than 230 companies, in 126 cities in 38 countries and millions of people have participated in the activities, with a constant growth in each edition.

FIAT IFTA (The World Organization of Funeral Operatives) together with other international associations, supports the ALPAR’S initiative, promoting among its members to become part of this international movement:

  • AFDA (Australia)
  • ANACEM (El Salvador)
  • ASEFUCE (Dominican Republic)
  • CACEPRI (Argentina)
  • CANADEFU (Venezuela)
  • CFA (China)
  • EFFS (European Federation of Funeral Services)
  • FPSA (South Africa)
  • FUNCRECE (Guatemala)
  • ICCFA (United States)
  • ICF (International Cremation Federation)
  • MFA (Mongolia)
  • NAFD (UK)
  • NFDA (United States)
  • NFDA (South Africa)
  • PANASEF (Spain)
  • Polish Funeral Association (Poland)
  • Union of the Funeral Companies in Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
  • ZAFA (Zimbabwe)

The 2023 edition will take place on September 17 and all companies from the industry are invited to join this great tribute to celebrates the life of those gone before us, celebrates the life of those we love and our own life.

To participate you only have to follow these 3 steps:
1. REGISTER: officially confirming participation to ALPAR.
2. PLAN THE ACTIVITY: In person, virtual or mixed.
3. CELEBRATE LIFE: Invite the public to join on Sunday, September 17th.

Visit the website where you can find all the information and support material for companies to participate:
- Recommendations to coordinate and customize the activities.
- Ideas and examples of a wide variety of activities that can be performed.
- Download marketing resources to adapt them for each company.
- List of participating companies and countries, with photo and video gallery.

For the event "The world united for life” ALPAR covers the development of activities through social networks, by sharing photographs, videos and live broadcasts of the companies that participate through the following official profiles:
@mundounidoporlavida (Facebook and Instagram)
@muplv (Twitter)

You are very welcome to join!
For more information: and 

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