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Brazil | Latin America | October 17, 2022

Introducing Mylena Cooper
3rd vice President of FIAT-IFTA

In Budapest the I.C.D. Meeting elected Ms Mylena Cooper from Brazil, Executive Director of Vaticano and The Diamond company to be the 3rd Vice president of FIAT-IFTA. We asked Ms Mylena Cooper about her goals as a Board Member and her beginnings in the funeral industry, as well as the brief introduction of the Brazilian funeral market.

"I feel honored to be part of this select group of people engaged in bringing higher quality services and innovation to the funeral industry worldwide. FIAT-IFTA also promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience of funerals worldwide, which enables a better service and even an understanding of the services we offer to families. I am truly honoured to be the first Brazilian woman and the second in history to represent to take the position of vice-president. Thus, I will strive to encourage other women from Brazil and
the whole South America to take part in this great organization and to work towards an even more
professional funeral industry, which truly reflects the needs of the families we serve." - says Mylena Cooper in tle autumn issue of THANOS magazine.

Read whole article in the autumn issue of THANOS magazine - you can read online at pages 8-9

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