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Slovenia | March 2, 2023

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By Jasmina Babajić, CEO Balkan Repatriation Babajic Ltd., Slovenia

In Slovenia, almost 70 private and 33 public companies deal with the funeral service. In 2016, the Government adopted a new law on funeral and cemetery activities, which requires that every undertaker of funeral activities must obtain a permit from the Ministry of Economic Development to carry out funeral activities and meet many conditions. Without it, you cannot work as a funeral company in Slovenia.
We have 1,199 active cemeteries, which is quite a lot considering that the population of our country is only 2.1 million. There are two crematoriums (both owned by the state) - one in Ljubljana and a second in Maribor. We can say without a doubt that crematoriums in Slovenia are operating non-stop, as 95% of people decide to be cremated and only the remaining 5% want to have a classic burial (mostly Muslims and Orthodox).

Balkan Repatriation Babajic Ltd. was founded during the war in the Balkans; it was 1995, when my father thought about helping refugees with repatriating their loved ones back to their home country and giving them a proper goodbye. At first, we were only handling repatriations to and from the Balkans, which means we were covering countries such as Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, N. Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania etc.

After many years of successful operation of the company, we started to expand our business. During the years of our existence in the funeral industry, we have organized numerous repatriations worldwide. Today our experience and global network of funeral partners allow us to help families and companies everywhere, no matter where the death occurred.

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