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Romania | January 26, 2024

New national member
to represent Romania

In January, Asociatia Serviciilor Funerare (A.S.F.) became the FIAT-IFTA National Representative for Romania. This was following approval from the FIAT-IFTA board and the final confirmation will take place during the FIAT-IFTA Convention in Krakow.  

The Asociatia Serviciilor Funerare was established upon consent of 20 authorized funeral service providers who in February 2020 decided that it was time for the funeral services entrepreneurs to protect their industry, investments, employees and their own work by means of this professional organization. Vision of the association is based on two ideas: compliance with the law and the respect given to the families in distress.

The organization started its journey under extremely difficult conditions caused by the state of emergency due to COVID-19 which was declared shortly after their first meeting. The Asociatia Serviciilor Funerare was successfully registered in the Register of Associations and Foundations at the Registry of the Cluj-Napoca Court House under number 1184/12A on June 26, 2020. The first General Assembly meeting took place in Brasov. Today the A.S.F has more than 50 members - authorized funeral service providers, some with more than 30 years of experience in the funeral industry. All associate members of A.S.F. strictly comply with the legislation in the field of funeral services, and they all went through the authorization procedure according to the provisions of the law.. In other words, compliance is placed above everything, and it represents the basic condition for accepting applications to become a member of the Association.


The declared purpose of the Asociatia Serviciilor Funerare is to represent at a national level the interests of its members providing funeral services, to harmonize the Romanian legislation countrywide and to establish common funds to achieve their objectives. The Romanian association’s main goal is  to raise the standards and quality of the funeral services close to or equal to European standards. To achieve this, the A.S.F. is committed to formulating an Ethical Code governing the operational practices of funeral service companies. The intention is to implement this Ethical Code as a comprehensive Charter of Good Practices across the nation, thereby fostering a culture of excellence in the industry.

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