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Romania | April 24, 2024

Standards are essential
for professionalism in funeral industry

By Cristian Neagoe, Anthony Assistance General Manager, Romania

At the heart of the funeral industry lie specific requirements that encapsulate a profound dedication to professionalism, unwavering regulatory compliance, and the utmost respect in the handling of the departed. These guidelines form an indispensable framework, meticulously designed to navigate the intricacies of post-mortem care, ensuring that each decision aligns with both regulatory standards and the personalized preferences of grieving families.

Anthony Assistance as an international deceased repatriation provider and Anthony Funeral Home as an national burial services provider, are always following the national regulations and rules imposed by Romanian laws and implementing international standards, norms, and certifications related to quality, management and environmental care. We hold international certificates and operate according to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, which brings numerous benefits. ISO 9001 ensures quality management systems, enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction. ISO 14001 emphasizes environmental management, promoting eco-friendly practices in the cremation process. ISO 45001 focuses on occupational health and safety, safeguarding staff and ensuring a secure work environment during funeral processes. These standards collectively demonstrate commitment to excellence, environmental responsibility, and employee well-being, enhancing overall operational efficiency and trust among clients.

In general, funeral services in Romania are regulated by the Ministry of Health. Regulations cover aspects such as funeral home licensing, transportation, embalming and cremation and are more or less similar in other European countries. 


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