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Czech Republic | July 29, 2023

Urn as a piece of art
- an exhibition at The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague

Czech glass studios reputation is recognized worldwide. Until September 17, 2023 at The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague takes place very interesting exhibition titled "Glass Soul. The Return Of Funerary Sculpture" prepared by the manufacturer of glass urns the Glaz Bridge group and the Arte Bohemien foundation.

The exhibition draws attention to the situation we are currently witnessing, not only in the retreat from funerary ritual, but also in the decline of funerary art, which almost disappeared in the years after World War II.

The exhibition includes 21 artistic funerary urns using glass as the basic material, which until now has remained outside the attention of funerary sculpture artists. During the exhibition the projects are presented by twenty-three artists of different ages and professional experience, whether in glassworking, sculpture, painting, architecture, jewelry, photography, fashion design, or architecture. The list of names includes such prominent Czech glass artists as Zdeněk Lhotský, Martin Janecký alongside, for instance, photographer Tono Stano, jewellery artist Jiří Belda, fashion designer Natálie Dufková or painter Antonín Střížek. All artists underlyed their efforts with a single aim: creating a functional funerary object and using artistic means to express homage to the deceased. They combined various techniques of glass processing and forming, reaching for their artistic visions and diverse interpretations of the subject matter, breaking stereotypes.

Individual objects can be purchased as part of a custom production from a few hundred thousand crowns to millions, depending on the demands and requirements of the client.

Photo: Glaz Bridge


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