FIAT-IFTA - The World Organization of Funeral Operatives Advocating the highest Funeral Standards

FIAT-IFTA - founded in 1970 - has proven to be the global network platform for Funeral Directors, Funeral Services/ Repatriation Companies and Funeral Suppliers.

FIAT-IFTA - is accredited NGO with UN ECOSOC to represent the Funeral Branch in the social and economic field and as International NGO with UNESCO-Intangible Cultural Heritage to safeguard World Funeral Heritage in cooperation with the National Members.

FIAT-IFTA – is the unique international Funeral Service Platform governed by a Board of (now 49) National Members elected every two years at the FIAT-IFTA International Convention. Members coming from over 80 countries have joined FIAT-IFTA.


Unique connection to the World of Funeral Service Companies.
Contribution to international social-economic and cultural awareness of the Funeral Industry.
Largest international network of Companies for the Repatriation of Human Remains.

Biennial FIAT IFTA International Convention held in different countries brings you into contact with leaders in the Funeral Industry and offers technical visits to funeral homes, cemeteries and cremation services.

Global Funeral update through, Thanos Magazine and on Thanos website.
Biennial Funeral Heritage Report in cooperation with the World Funeral Museums.

NGO Consultative Status UN-ECOSOC for the Funeral Industry since 2016, FIAT-IFTA is able to intervene on various subject regarding the Funeral Industry:

a. Sea burial regulations of the International Law of the Sea
b. Contact with UN and IATA to ease the Repatriation of Human Remains
c. Medical and Sanitary guidelines in disaster areas
- FIAT-IFTA Members are eligible to participate in the Funeral Exchange Program.
- The NGO Consultative Status with UNESCO since 2014 allows the National Members of FIAT-IFTA to operate with governments to protect and safeguard the global Intangible Funeral Heritage.
- FIAT-IFTA provides legal assistance to countries to set up new Burial Laws
- Initiative to regulate and to promote the funeral industry on the African Continent in cooperation with our African National Members and governments
- FIAT-IFTA membership opens the doors to our Global Partners.
- FIAT-IFTA welcomes Members at our booth at most major Funeral Exhibitions.

To join FIAT-IFTA - the Global Funeral Professionals Platform apply for National, Active or Associate Member.

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FIAT-IFTA is the only internationally governed funeral Federation with National, Active And Associate Members in more than 80 countries.

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