FIAT-IFTA is the only international non profit organization of the World Funeral Services to be granted with the title of NGO Special Consultative Status at UN-ECOSOC.

As of July 26, 2016 the NGO Roster Consultative Status has been upgraded to the NGO Special Consultative Status. This means that FIAT-IFTA is the voice of the International Funeral Sector at UN ECOSOC and its branches.

Letter of Reclassification UN ECOSOC NGO Branch, 26 July 2016



FIAT-IFTA President Hiroshi KITAJIMA - Japan
FIAT-IFTA Secretary Emerson De LUCA - UK
FIAT-IFTA Vice President William C. WAPPNER - USA
National Member Germany BDB represented by Stephan NEUZER
National Member P.R. of CHINA represented by Hua YI
National Member Belgium repersented by Tom WUSTENBERGHS 

MISSION: To represent the Global Funeral Branch at UN ECOSOC and to endorse the relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

FIAT-IFTA Atttendance at UN ECOSOC Conferences and Meetings

62nd UN Commission on the Status of Women – March 2018
CFA - Chinese Funeral Association representing FIAT-IFTA the International Funeral Association at the 62nd session of UN Commission on the Status of Women.

The 62nd session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on March 12, 2018. The theme of the meeting focused on "Empowering Rural Women and Girls". Registered representatives of government services and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from all over the world attended the meeting. As an NGO, the International Funeral Association was invited to represent the funeral industry for the second time.
YI Hua, the Official Director of the FIAT-IFTA First World Funeral Women's Forum and the Director of the Expert Committee of the Chinese Funeral Association in company of the President of FIAT-IFTA - International Funeral Association Teresa SAAVEDRA, attended the meeting with representatives of Chinese funeral homes. The conference focused on topics such as the advancement of women's status and power, the development of women's potential and the advancement of women in rural and marginal areas. Also was discussed how stereotypes and discrimination affecting the development potential of women and girls can be eliminated and how to create more opportunities for women.
In addition, the conference is divided into multiple thematic sub-locations, covering topics from multiple angles and multi-levels, such as the status and development of women around the world, the impact of education on women, the improvement of women's online skills, the art of women and harmony.

In the same period last year, FIAT-IFTA -the International Funeral Association firstly attended the meeting as a representative of the UN NGO and discussed the issues of the World Funeral Women Forum. The President of FIAT-IFTA - the International Funeral Association, stated that women play a critical role in the development of the funeral industry.
The second time the International Funeral Association has been invited to participate in the Commission meeting on the status of women, it has strengthened ties with the United Nations and women in the funeral industry are increasingly receiving more and more attention. It is a major step forward in promoting the development of the global funeral industry and it is also the worldwide recognition and affirmation of the role of women in the funeral industry. President Teresa SAAVEDRA pointed out that the future will continue to strengthen the relationship between the International Funeral Association as an NGO and the United Nations.

FIAT -  IFTA International Interventions on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Clean Water & Sanitation - Seaburial Regulations

International treaties like the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) can influence the possibilities to regulate sea burials, notably from the point of view of protection of the sea environment.In cooperation with the T.M.C. ASSER Institute for International and European Law, FIAT-IFTA has presented a Declaration on Seaburials. Further investigations confirm that UNCLOS contains various provisions calling for multilateral solutions to issues that affect the protection and preservation of the marine environment. Submitting a FIAT-IFTA declaration concerning Sea Burials to the United Nations / UNCLOS - Convention on the Law of the Sea is in line with a first step towards such a multilateral solution.

AsserFIAT-IFTA Declaration on Seaburials advised by the T.M.C. ASSER Institute, The Netherlands. 

Community Building and Partnership

WORLD UNITED FOR LIFE - An Initiative of ALPAR – FIAT-IFTA National Member for Latin American Countries - 
In 2012 ALPAR made the first version of "Latin America united by life", achieving significant acceptance from communities internationally. For the year 2013 we expanded the coverage and carried out "The world united by life". In 2014, communities from 10 countries brought together thousands of people through different activities, and in the 2015 version, in the four cardinal points of the planet, 32 thousand people joined, through different and emotional activities. A constantly growing event that each year adds more participants.
WORLD UNITED FOR LIFE is a worldwide movement that unites the Cemetery and Funeral Industry and families on five continents to celebrate life. Since 2012, in more than 30 countries, families and funeral companies come together every year to celebrate life.
Celebrating life is sharing with the public the sensitivity of the cemetery and funeral industry to the memory and remembrance of loved ones, with loyalty activities to celebrate life.

This event is an initiative of FIAT-IFTA National Member ALPAR - Latin American Guild Association of Cemeteries and Funeral Services - which invites the entire Cemetery and Funeral Industry to celebrate the lives of those who have already left, the lives of those who are still with us and our own lives.


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