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For FIAT-IFTA Members it becomes increasingly important  to find a trusted information source. Research reveals that our members want to be updated and appreciate information on the highlights of the international funeral industry. 
FIAT-IFTA Departments are essentially helping members to become more successful, efficient and effective in the way they perform or operate.

MANAGING AND UPDATING your company’s webpage on

Receive a new login code.
Users can do this themselves via the login button at the top right. You will see a screen with a button and the text "Forgot password?"
Click and follow the guidance. The user will automatically receive a link in the mailbox to create a new password.

• Do Members have access to edit the company’s webpage or is it required to send the preferred content to ?
Company webpage can be adjusted by the user. This can be done by logging in via the login button at the top right. It is also possible to mail your preferred content to for uploading.

• What size and resolution do you recommend for picture files?
FIAT-IFTA recommends a square image of 275x275 px.

Option to have more than one picture. Only National and Active Members
Although you can only show one profile photo / logo at a time, it is possible to add additional images in the description of your page. Option only for National and Active members.

• Option to have more than one link. Only National and Active Members
Same as above. You can only show one link, but in a description one could add with some creativity extra content or links.


Global members

FIAT-IFTA is the only internationally governed funeral Federation with National, Active And Associate Members in more than 80 countries.

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