Charter of global Global Funeral Heritage FIAT-IFTA

The World Organization of Funeral Operatives


Global Funeral Heritage consists of the expressions, customs, rituals, sites, buildings, constructions and instruments associated with death, loss and grief.


The preservation and protection of Global Funeral Heritage is the responsibility of families, local communities, religious institution and governments.

FIAT-IFTA affirms the importance and significance of Global Funeral Heritage for societies and individuals.

Funeral Heritage Association of FIAT-IFTA’s role is to inform all parties concerned and strives to work with local, national and international institutions to preserve and to protect Global Funeral Heritage for the future of humanity.


  • To support and endorse funeral museums and exhibitions worldwide
  • To study and understand Global Funeral Heritage in order to preserve and protect it
  • To promote understanding and appreciation of Global Funeral Heritage
  • To promote publications and studies related to Global Funeral Heritage with respect to local and national concerns.


  1. To cooperate with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in order to establish and extend the presence of Funeral Heritage sites on the World Heritage List and to bring in expert knowledge
  2. Establishment of the Funeral Heritage Expert Committee
  3. Foundation of the Association of Funeral Museums and Collections.

Charter of Global Funeral Heritage
Adopted by the General Assembly of FIAT-IFTA, June 2008, Barcelone.

Global members

FIAT-IFTA is the only internationally governed funeral Federation with National, Active And Associate Members in more than 80 countries.

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