How to Participate

Terms and Conditions of the Exchange Program
The duration of the Exchange Program is three weeks. Either in the month of May or in the month of October.
Host Responsibility:
- To guarantee that the intern can participate actively and constructively.
- To support and offer valuable guidance in support of a fruitful and beneficial internship.
Agreement provisions:
Home, Host Organization and FIAT-IFTA, OFSA agree that the provisions are clearly set in an agreement.
Applicants must be enrolled/employed at the Home organization. Student Applicants must have completed at least one year of mortuary studies. Candidates must submit the completed documents and a letter of motivation outlining their motivation, career goals and eligibility to participate in the program.
A recommendation letter issued by the Home organization is required.

How to Apply
Application forms, as provided by the program, are to be submitted to the members of the FIAT-IFTA Office: 3 months before the start of the exchange session:

Funerary Observer Abroad (FOA) Responsibility
The FOA agrees to submit all required documents 6 months prior to the start of the program.
The FOA agrees to fully and constructively participate in the study program.
The FOA agrees to respect the laws and customs of the host’s country.

Upon return the FOA submits to the FIAT-IFTA Office a report outlining his/hers experiences.
The FOA has sufficient English proficiency or is willing to undergo a TOEFL test.

The FOA submits a completed declaration of financial support form with a current and official bank statement or a letter on bank stationary.
Visa, Insurances:
Visa application is the responsibility of the FOA. The host institution is responsible to provide up-to-date information with respect to the visa application requirements.
The FOA submits all required visa documentation in due time to the host institution.
Visa and all travel insurances must be arranged by the FOA at least one month in advance of arrival to ensure that travel arrangements can be made in due time.

Overview of documents and forms needed for application.The undersigned of any Agreement document confirm the correctness of all the provisions of this agreement. Submit with the FOA Application Form: Financial Declaration, Visa (if required), Travel Insurance and Health Declaration.

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