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The FIAT-IFTA International Funeral Exchange Program is the outcome of the cooperation between FIAT-IFTA and OFSA – Ontario Funeral Service Association. Past President of OFSA launched his idea of an exchange program for mortuary students and funeral professionals in 2014.

Only FIAT-IFTA and OFSA Members may participate in this Funeral Exchange Program as Program Partners. Program Partners are a Home Organization or Institution and a Host Organization or Institution.

By signing an agreement on behalf of the applying students or staff members the Program Partners guarantee that the correct implementation and execution of a Program Session according to the regulatory requirements.

Professional staff members or students (employed or enrolled by one of the Program Partners) who participate in the Exchange Program will have the title: Funerary Observer Abroad: FOA. This title underlines that they are not paid and not employed workers during the three weeks’ session.
The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 10 per Program Session during the month of June or the month of October of each year. There are two exchange sessions per year.

The Funeral Exchange Program shall be managed by the FIAT-IFTA secretariat on the basis of a data base comprising the participating Program Partners. FIAT-IFTA website : FUNERAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM provides the Program regulations and definitions and the Online Program Documents. FIAT-IFTA and OFSA can terminate this agreement unilaterally by serving a six months’ notice.

Declaration of Non Liability

The provisions of this Agreement provided in writing or on the websites of FIAT-IFTA and OFSA are subject to a non-liability clause stating that FIAT-IFTA and OFSA shall not be liable for any personal or financial direct or indirect consequences or effects, resulting damage, loss of profit or any other damage of any other nature caused by and/or related to the execution of this program agreement and/or information on the websites.


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