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Servizi Funebri Pozzoli

Pozzoli Funeral Services was born in 1968 as a family owned business with close bonds with the
community it served, operating between the provinces of Milano and Como, in Italy.
In the last thirty years we have developed a distinct vocation for international repatriation and now
we pride ourselves amongst the most trusted providers of Embassies and Consulates, Insurance
Companies, Funeral Service Companies, Governative and Non-governative Organizations.

With our two state-of-the-art Funeral Homes in the north of Milan and three offices we are able to
work directly on any requests in the North of Italy.

We have extended our trademark features of integrity and trustability to repatriation cases: not only
towards our own country but from/to any Country in the world and totally independently from the
deceased nationality.

Our experienced, multilingual and multicultural staff, available 24/7, will provide thorough
assistance and work out the best solution to suit and respect the diverse needs of our clients.

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