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May 27, 2022

Let's talk about international funeral marketing

By Marta Cała-Sturzbecher, founder of MOMA Marketing Strategy Agency

The international character of Thanos magazine makes it possible to speak about global funeral marketing. The fact that the market and social changes are forcing innovations for the funeral homes themselves, and companies are becoming more and more modern, that they use new forms of marketing and communication, and that their offer is constantly challenged in response to the changing environment. However, one aspect that funeral companies cannot have in common is the style of communication itself, the so-called marketing message, the words to reach customers. This part of marketing communication must be based on the local market where each entrepreneur operates.

Marketing is one of the key areas of activity for an increasing number of companies in the funeral industry. This is not only driven by competition between entrepreneurs, but by an attempt to adapt to customer expectations. The reality is that no matter what market we operate in, the Internet has made two-way communication the norm. Customers are used to fast and efficient service and to have constant contact with different brands on the Internet. Therefore, funeral homes in many countries conduct daily communication through social media, build modern websites, use advertising campaigns such as Google Ads and use multimedia solutions. In response to this, their customers feel that they have a partner who understands their needs when they experience the loss of a loved one, they pay attention to their offer. However, the choice of both the marketing tools themselves and what to include in them is a matter of strategy. This is something that many companies seem to lack.

It would seem that marketing, with its modern tools and applied technologies is an invention of the last few years. However, the roots of this field go back almost as far as sales itself, and the marketing theories which we use today have their roots in the 1960s. The marketing strategy may be compared to a “stringent document” where the method of development has not changed over the years. The development of its foundation is the key to determine whether or not we need Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram activities. Should we have a store on the website? Do we need a chat-bot? Or maybe a video in a Google Ads campaign? And above all: what to write in this video, ad, flyer and on the website?

What unites funeral homes around the world is a new and modern attitude to channels and tools for communication with families. What divides is the way of communicating about death. Many societies still see death as a taboo and its depth is dependent on their level of openness. This must be closely connected with the local market.

 Let's focus on what unites rather than what divides. On the possibilities and opportunities for the development of companies through modern marketing tools. We will talk about this in the next issue of Thanos magazine.


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