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May 10, 2024

Unifying experience in tanatopraxy 

Summary of the second international thanatopraxy worksop in Barcelona

The second edition of the International Tanatopraxia Workshop took place in Barcelona, Spain, from May 7th to 10th, 2024. Professionals from Portugal, Finland, Italy, the United States, China, the United Kingdom, and Spain attended the workshop. This event was a key part of the FIAT-IFTA Global Education Program and was organized by Sortem in collaboration with FIAT-IFTA and Ä€ltima. Esteemed trainers for the course included Lucrezia Pecorella from the United Kingdom and Anwar El Amrani González from Spain.


The primary goal of this training was to acquire, strengthen, and share expertise in embalming techniques and practices. The workshop delved into a comprehensive array of advanced embalming methods, covering both external and internal procedures. From basic tasks like washing and sanitary disinfection to more complex operations such as injection, drainage, and instrument management, attendees became skilled in all aspects of the embalming process. The hands-on approach, guided by our experienced trainers, ensured an engaging and valuable learning experience. At the end participants were awarded a certificate of competence upon successful completion.


The training in Barcelona offers more than just professional development—it provides an enriching cultural experience that exposes attendees to the methods and practices of different countries. The workshop fosters a collaborative environment where, despite language barriers, participants connect through their shared commitment to thanatopraxis and their dedication to caring for the deceased. This common purpose creates a unique bond among them, embodying the universal language of the embalmer and uniting them as a cohesive team.


The course was led by esteemed trainers Lucrezia Pecorella from the United Kingdom and Anwar El Amrani González from Spain. Prominent thanatopraxy professionals in attendance included Inês Gil Vilarinho from Portugal, Evija Vaciete from the United States, Falasco Emanuele from Italy, Joonas Hyppönen from Finland, Óscar Sanz Mirón from Spain, and Ning Wen Yang from China.

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