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Mongolia | June 3, 2024

Transitioning Traditions:

Transforming Mongolian Culture from Nomadic to Settled

By Mrs. Munkhzaya Mendbayar, CEO of "Ulaanbaatar Buyan" LLC and "New Cemetery" LLC, Mongolia

Mongolia is a land steeped in nomadic traditions, where the vast steppe served as a playground for the nomadic way of life for centuries. Yet, with changing times and the allure of settled living, Mongolia embarked on a significant transformation from a nomadic culture to a more stable, settled way of life. This transition brought with it numerous challenges and lessons learned from past errors. The Mongolian government initiated a project to guide this cultural shift while preserving the essence of their traditions, ultimately resulting in the problematic integration of nomadic heritage with a settled culture and confusion and misinformed funeral traditions. This whole project was to correct its wrongdoing and correction of proper education on funeral culture. The project to move remains in an old cemetery began with a plan from 2013, approved by the Mongolian Parliament. Then, in 2021, new decisions were made to create a "Memorial Park." This park would be a place to remember the deceased and be built in a 10-hectare area of the Sambalhundev cemetery.

A total area of 12,000 sqm in the "Memorial Park" will be planted with 7,100 trees and shrubs of 17 different species. There will be 33 mausoleums following national traditions and customs, with monuments of historical significance. According to the families' preferences, a total of 14,323 ashes will be placed in designated sectors of the land.

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